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Minelab Coil, Goldsearch 8" DD Accessory

Minelab Coil, Goldsearch 8" DD Accessory

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“Jackpot?! Woo-Hoo?! Awesome?!” How about: “EUREKA?!” What will you yell out when you discover the most valuable metal known to mankind buried in the ground below? The Goldsearch 8” Double-D accessory coil is designed to put you and you Minelab Eureka Gold metal detector in a better situation to find out. These are specially equipped to heighten the sensitivities of any Eureka series metal detector to find sub-gram amounts of gold in the soil below.

  • 8” Double-D Coil
  • Gold Sensitivity
  • Water Resistant
  • Includes 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty

8” Double-D Coil
Two “D” shaped detection coils form an 8” circle that provides a stable ground penetration signal.

Gold Sensitivity
Designed to search deeper in the soil to detect the smallest sub-gram traces in gold.

Water Resistant
Coil may be splashed, washed or moved through wet grass. Never submersed under water.

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Minelab Coil, Goldsearch 8" DD Accessory

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