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Shark Sonic Duo - Limited Time Sale: $30 Savings (Reg. $249.99)

The Buy Happier Difference:
Exclusive 3 Year Warranty

Shark Sonic Duo - Limited Time Sale: $30 Savings (Reg. $249.99)

The Buy Happier Difference:
Exclusive 3 Year Warranty

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All floor one and one floor all! The Sonic Duo™ is a revolutionary all-in-one floor surface cleaner from Shark® products. The Sonic Duo™ comes completely equipped with the means of thoroughly cleaning carpets, woods, vinyl, tile and stone flooring. It harnesses the stain lifting power of sonic scrubbing action and applies it through interchangeable pads. Each different pad style will deliver a superior cleaning performance on each particular surface for which it is designed. Complete with included specialty cleaning solutions, the Shark® Sonic Duo™ is unified for the common cause of rejuvenating the life back to the floors in your home.

  • All Flooring Surfaces
  • Sonic Cleaning Action
  • Specialty Cleaning Pads
  • Cleaning Solutions Included
  • Includes 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty

All Flooring Surfaces
Bring the life back to rugs, carpet, vinyl, tile, porcelain, hardwood and stone floors.

Sonic Cleaning Action
Famous sonic power that delivers over a thousand scrubs per minute.

Specialty Cleaning Pads
Interchangeable cleaning pads specially designed to treat each individual surface.

Cleaning Solutions Included
Included are concentrate cleaning solutions for deeper cleaning and odor removal.

AirGlide Propelled
Maneuvering across floors and carpets and under furniture is effortless.

Swivel Steering
Cleaning around corners and furniture has never been easier.

Spray Action
Push button dispersal of the amount of cleaning solution needed to completely clean flooring.

Deep Cleaning Power
Remove up to 4x more dirt than vacuuming alone.


Once the Manufacturer’s Warranty runs out, if there is any mechanical or electrical failure that is covered under the Manufacturer’s Original Warranty, then Buy Happier will repair or replace your item if possible for 3 Years from your date of purchase.


Mechanical and electrical failures that occur during normal use of your item that are a part of the Manufacturer’s Original Warranty. Your item is covered for up to the full purchase price of your item (excluding any tax or shipping charges).


For items still covered by a Manufacturer Warranty at the time of the claim: We will be happy to assist you with filing a claim with the Manufacturer.

Repairable Items: We will send you a pre-paid shipping label. Once we have received your item, it will be repaired in 7-14 days and then shipped back to you at no cost.

Replacements or Reimbursements: If the item is not repairable or it is not cost effective to repair, we will replace your defective item with the same item when available. If the item is no longer available or is is not cost effective to replace, we will reimburse you your original purchase price, excluding any tax or shipping charges. We generally pay claims within 7 days of receiving your item back.


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Shark Sonic Duo - Limited Time Sale: $30 Savings (Reg. $249.99)

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