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Cilio 12" Olive Wood Wok Spatula

Cilio 12" Olive Wood Wok Spatula


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As a society we owe a lot to wooden utensils. The first objects to point us in a more civilized direction; imagine how much more cleanly and injury free we are thanks to wooden utensils. Even today, they benefit us by not quickly heating to scalding temperatures, chemically reacting with acidic foods or scratching cookware. The Frieling 12” Wok Spatula is handcrafted from olive wood with smooth edges and then rubbed with sunflower oil for enduring style and service. Wooden utensils by Frieling: the pillars of civilized society, cornerstones of fashionable kitchens and tools for good cooking.

  • 12” Wok Spatula
  • Crafted from Olive Wood
  • Rubbed with Sunflower Oil
  • Smooth Edges

12” Wok Spatula
Standard length and design that is ideal for working in standard to large sized woks.

Crafted from Olive Wood
Olive wood is considered the highest quality wood to use for cooking utensils.

Rubbed w/ Sunflower Oil
Preserves wood perfectly, creates a lasting soft finish and leaves a displayable natural look to wood.

Smooth Edges
Preserves cooking surfaces and will resist chipping from use.

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Cilio 12" Olive Wood Wok Spatula

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