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Steamboy PRO 3-in-1 Steam & Scrub

Steamboy PRO 3-in-1 Steam & Scrub

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The Reliable Steamboy PRO T3 handles all your carpet and sealed floor cleaning and sanitizing in one easy to use machine. You do not need separate equipment to steam your carpets, scrub your tile & grout, and sanitize your floors. The Reliable Steamboy PRO also eliminates the extra chemical cleaning products you use for different cleaning jobs. Just fill the tank with water and allow it to heat to 248° F for super cleaning and sanitizing power. You can save time, money and storage space while maintaining a healthy, clean home.

  • Works on carpet and all sealed floors
  • Scrubs and sanitizes
  • Removable water refill tank, no chemicals need
  • Foot release deploys scrubber head
  • Heavy-duty tile scrubber and easy-to-attach cleaning pads

Works on all Flooring
Use the Steamboy PRO on carpet, sealed wood and tile floors and grout.

248° F. steam loosens dirt and sanitizes carpet and tile.

Sturdy Refillable Water Tank
The tank holds 2.4 cups of water and no chemicals are needed for complete cleaning and sanitizing.

Foot Operated Scrubber Head
Simply engage the foot release to operate the scrubbing head.

Tile Scrubber
Heavy-duty bristles do the hard work for you.

Ergonomic Handle
The handle design and steam lever reduces hand fatigue while cleaning.

Swivel Head
Head swivels 180 degrees for easy access to all floor areas.

The Steamboy PRO weighs just 7 pounds.

Micro Fiber Cleaning Pads
Easy-to-attach pads wipe away all the debris and are washable and replaceable.

21 Foot Cord
The 21 foot long cord lets you clean your entire room quickly and stores neatly when not in use.

Ready for use Quickly
Water heats in seconds and steam lasts for 25 minutes.

Built-in Safety
The Steamboy PRO includes a steam pressure release valve.

Ready Light
The light lets you know when the water is fully heated.

Easy-to-Read Control Panel
With a user-friendly control panel, no guesswork is required.

Anti-Scale Protection
Includes a hard water filter to minimize scale build-up.

Comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.


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Steamboy PRO 3-in-1 Steam & Scrub

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