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Minelab Pro-Find 25 - Model 3226-0001

Minelab Pro-Find 25 - Model 3226-0001

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The Pro-Find 25 is the perfect fetching tool for any metal discovery that you encounter. This hand-held device quickly closes the deal by pinpointing locations accurately and cutting down on dig time. Its small size enables it to work below the surface in holes that normal detection coils will not fit into. The Pro-Find 25 will also be a great asset in requesting permission from land owners as it minimizes digging and keeps holes smaller. The included holster makes this the quintessential tool for the well-equipped fan of Geocaching.

  • VLF Search
  • DIF Technology
  • 360° Sensitivity
  • Audio and Vibration Response

VLF Search
Very Low Frequency search is a reliable conventional single frequency sine wave transmission.

DIF technology
Detector Interference Free technology eliminates interference and prevents false signal noise.

360° Sensitivity
The sides of the probe are sensitive for easy navigation of the walls of the hole.

Audio and Vibration Response
Proportional audio and vibration response as device gets closer to the target.

LED Flashlight
Easily discover a target in deep holes and low light conditions.

Battery Powered
9 volt battery successfully powers this device and helps keep a lightweight design.

Auto-Off Feature
Device powers off automatically if it has not been used for 8 minutes.

Holster Included
Provides easy transport with this belt mounted holster.

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Minelab Pro-Find 25 - Model 3226-0001

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