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Minelab Coil, X-Terra 6" Conc 7.5kHz Accessory

Minelab Coil, X-Terra 6" Conc 7.5kHz Accessory


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When you have that “gut feeling” that something more lies below. Attach the 6” Concentric Coil to any X-Terra series of metal detectors to narrow your frequency and focus your search capabilities. This easily maneuverable coil blasts deep into the ground with a low 7.5 kHz frequency in the most precise targeted search pattern. This is ideal for locating larger objects buried at depths beyond the reach of a normal metal detector search coil. It is the best way to completely know for sure.

  • 6” Concentric Coil
  • 7.5 kHz Frequency
  • Waterproof Coil
  • Includes 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty

6” Concentric Coil
This coil style uses a cone shape search pattern that is ideal for pinpointing precise target locations.

7.5 kHz Frequency
The low to mid-range frequency detection blast that offers greater sensitivity to coins and relics.

X-Terra Compatible
Coil will work with all Minelab X-Terra series of metal detector.

Waterproof Coil
Coil is submersible up to 1 meter depth and ideal for searching shorelines and streams.

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Minelab Coil, X-Terra 6" Conc 7.5kHz Accessory

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