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Minelab Headphone, Koss UR-30 Spare

Minelab Headphone, Koss UR-30 Spare


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Nothing can be more frustrating than noise pollution. It is essential that you are able to hear every tone that your Minelab is tailored to produce while you are searching and area. Each distinct pitch can be the difference between discovering something terrific and wasting time digging because you thought you heard a tone. The Koss brand headphones will keep you sharp and focused by keeping out all distractions.

  • Multiple Detector Compatibility
  • 1/4” Jack w/ 100ohm
  • Over Ear Style
  • Includes 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Multiple Detector Compatibility
Fits X-Terra 305, 505, 705, 705 Gold, Safari, Explorer SE Pro, E-TRAC, Eureka Gold, and GPX 4500-4800-5000 models.

1/4" Jack w/ 100ohm
Sound jack size is ¼” and sound equipped with 100ohm personal speakers.

Over-Ear Style
Over-ear style allows for better sound quality and minimizes distractions.

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Minelab Headphone, Koss UR-30 Spare

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