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Minelab GPX5000

Minelab GPX5000

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Look no further for the very best gold detector in the world. The GPX 5000 sets a new benchmark in technology, features and functions in metal detectors specifically tuned to seek for gold. Including exclusive Minelab GPX technologies, Multi Period Sensing (MPS), Dual Voltage Technology (DVT) and Smart Electronic Timing Alignment (SETA), the GPX 5000 raises the bar with three new timings, six preset search modes and two standard coils. For the most powerful gold detecting technology, the greatest depth and sensitivity, as well as the best functions and features available, the GPX 5000 is a must have.

  • Eight Soil/Timings
  • Smart Electronic Timing Alignment (SETA)
  • Six Preset Search Modes
  • Two Standard Coils
  • Includes 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Receive a $400 gift card with your purchase (limited time only)

Eight Soil/Timings
Each timing is designed to handle specific conditions, so it doesn't just find gold in more ground conditions, it finds gold in ALL ground conditions.

Fine Gold Timing
Bring home nuggets from ground thought to be completely depleted with improved depth and sensitivity.

Salt/Gold Timing
The best setting for detecting all nugget sizes in salty ground – outstanding at the beach!

Coin/Relic Timing
A specialized timing setting makes for the deepest range ever in benign ground conditions.

Multi Period Sensing (MPS)
Transmits, receives and intelligently analyzes long and short pulses to sense gold while ignoring ground minerals.

Dual Voltage Technology (DVT)
Uses pulses with 2 voltage levels to put more power into the ground, enabling deeper detection.

Smart Electronic Timing Alignment (SETA)
Mathematically precise soil/timing alignment guarantees MAXIMUM depth and sensitivity across ALL ground conditions.

Six Preset Search Modes
Six factory preset search modes let you adjust quicklyand include new Patch, Hi-Trash and Pinpoint.

Automatic Ground Balance
Adjust and compensate for different soil conditions without lifting a finger.

Increased Rx Gain Adjustment
Increased from 1-15 to 1-20 in order to gain more precise sensitivity control and better performance.

Lightweight Li-ion Battery
Lightweight, rechargeable battery with inbuilt amplifier for speaker use and approximately 12 hour battery life will get you through a day's search without worry.

Two Standard Coils
Includes two standard coils for increased versatility – the 11" Double-D coil plus 11" Monoloop coil.

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Minelab GPX5000

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