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Ronco Smart Juicer

Ronco Smart Juicer

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The Ronco Smart Juicer gives you the power to harness the natural energy in fruits and vegetables for a delicious way to start your morning. The smartest step one can make on the path to healthy living is to start each morning with a delicious, guilt free breakfast. The Smart Juicer features a newly patented Low Speed Technology System to remove pulp while extracting every possible drop of juice. Safe to operate, easy to clean and produces great tasting juice free of the added sugars contained in mass produced juices and sports drinks. Look forward to waking up each day and making the Ronco Smart Juicer part of your morning routine.

  • Low Speed Technology System
  • Large Capacity Chute
  • Pulp Ejector/Catcher Feature
  • Easy to Clean
  • Five Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty

Low Speed Technology System
Ronco’s patented method extracts more juice from fruits and vegetables than centrifugal juicers.

Large Capacity Chute
Add and process larger fruits and vegetable in a single session.

Pulp Ejector/Catcher Feature
Dry pulp is removed from the juicing process and kept out of the final product.

Rinse and Reuse
Make more than one juice at a time with the Easy Rinse feature.

Safety Operation Features
Motor and assembly are easy-to-use and designed for simple and worry-free operation.

More Vitamin Power
Patented process produces 43% more Vitamin C and 61% more Vitamin A in your juice.

Easy to Clean
Smart Juicer can be disassembled, cleaned and stored in a matter of seconds.

Energy Efficient
“Smartly” designed to only use 150 watts of power during use.

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Ronco Smart Juicer

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