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Cilio "Tower of Pisa" Kitchen Timer - Cream

Cilio "Tower of Pisa" Kitchen Timer - Cream


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The “Tower of Pisa” Kitchen Timer earned its name from the fun and useful leaning design similar to the famous Italian landmark. Constructed of plastic and steel, this is the perfect item to finally replace that old “egg timer” that you have been cranking around for years. These fashionably colored timers offer countdown accuracy up to 60 minutes. The “Tower of Pisa” kitchen timer is also equipped with an alarm so striking that they almost named it “Big Ben”…if not for its 2 ¼” x 2 ¼” size.

  • Colored Leaning Design
  • Programmable Countdown
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Alert Tone

Colored Leaning Design
Modern slanted design comes in a chic cream color with an easy to monitor timer face.

Programmable Countdown
Timer is capable of accurately counting down up to 60 minutes in a single setting.

Sturdy Construction
Durable plastic and steel stands up well to everyday use in the kitchen.

Alert Tone
Comes equipped with an alarm sound that is easy to hear anywhere in the house.

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Cilio "Tower of Pisa" Kitchen Timer - Cream

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