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Minelab Charger, Car GPX Spare

Minelab Charger, Car GPX Spare


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Dang! Your Minelab GPX series battery is warning you that it is just about out of power. Of course, this happens right when you feel like you are getting really close to finding something in the field. Never fear, simply return to the mother ship for a quick recharge. This is all made possible with the Car Charger accessory designed to fit in your vehicle's cigarette lighter.

  • GPX Series Compatible
  • Cigarette Lighter Connectivity
  • Added Convenience
  • Includes 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty

GPX Series Compatible
Designed to recharge the Minelab GPX series battery.

Cigarette Lighter Connectivity
Plugs right in to the cigarette lighter in your car to charge the battery on your GPX metal detector.

Added Convenience
Conveniently recharge on location without needing to drive home to power up your GPX series battery.

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Minelab Charger, Car GPX Spare

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