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Coway Smart Air Purifier

Coway Smart Air Purifier


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Just as the smart phone revolutionized cellular technology, the Coway Superb Smart Air Purifier will usher in a new higher standard of household living. Enjoy consistently pure and breathable air no matter what happens in your medium-sized room (256 square feet). Whether someone lights a cigarette, burns microwave popcorn or even a wet dog runs through the room - the operation system will detect it and quickly act. By automatically accelerating the in-take of air through its 4-stage filter system with Vital Ion treatment, your air will be back to normal instantly. Enjoy the next level of luxury in home air quality.

  • Vital Ion™ Technology
  • SPS-Auto Speed Control™
  • Air Quality Indicator
  • 4-Stage Filtration with HEPA
  • Includes 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Vital Ion™ Technology
Boosts the power to clean the air of impurities and any odors from negative ions.

SPS-Auto Speed Control™
Automatically adjusts air in-take to compensate for detected variations in air quality.

Air Quality Indicator
Indicator light demonstrates the quality of air being detected in the room.

4-Stage Filtration with HEPA
Pre Filter + Carbon Filter + True HEPA filter + Ionizer effectively eliminates pollutants.

3-Stage Air Flow
Automatically or manually choose between Level 1,2 or 3 rate of in-take fan speeds.

Filter Change Indicator
Easy-to-read light that indicates when filter is ready to be replaced.

Sleep Mode
Adds life to your filter with a programming feature for operation 1/4/8 hour periods.

Agency Certified for Medium Sized Rooms
Effective “Clean Air Delivery Rate” for rooms up to 256 sq. ft. in size.

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Coway Smart Air Purifier

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