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Broksonic Middle Humidifier Purple - HM-27PU

Broksonic Middle Humidifier Purple - HM-27PU

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Humidifiers do so much for our health and our homes, yet they are almost always stuck in a corner due to their eyesore factor. Broksonic has accomplished a design overhaul, so that you can place your gorgeous HM 27 humidifier, with aromatherapy, and actually improve the style of your home. The Japanese vase design perfects the atmosphere in any room with its appealing look, aromatherapy, and modern features. Operating with a full complement of stealthy extras like whisper quiet operation, cool mist, aroma trays, and automatic shut off; it was created to enhance any room in your home without anyone noticing you are running a humidifier at all.

  • Purple Vase Design
  • Aroma Dispenser
  • Cool Mist Feature
  • Programmable Timer

Purple Vase Design
A modern Japanese style vase that comes in a glossy and bright purple.

Aroma Dispensing
Removable aroma tray is capable of releasing a wonderful scent of your choice.

Cool Mist Feature
Water is added to the atmosphere in your room with a pleasant cool mist.

Programmable Timer
Easy-to-use timer that can stop operation at 2 and 4 hour intervals or run for 19 hours continuously.

No Filter Required
Designed to run completely free of any filter to save money and maintenance costs.

Included Aroma Tabs
Additional replacement aroma tabs included with purchase.

Removable Water Tank
Easily remove and fill approximate 2.5-liter water tank.

Actual Size
Actual dimensions: 8” diameter, 12” height, and 2.2 pounds without water.

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Broksonic Middle Humidifier Purple - HM-27PU

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