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Customer Care

Customer Service is what motivates us at Buy Happier

We take pride in being the best in ecommerce, and do not want to keep it a secret of how it all works. Things can move pretty fast around here and we want to take the time to let you know what you can expect from us.

We absolutely guarantee that EVERY customer will be handled with respect and urgency. We have a staff of people on hand to operate our “Concierge Center” during business hours. Yes, you read that correctly, there is always a person on the other end of your communication with us.

Our Promise

Our people are in charge of performing one task: Making customers happy. They are given the latitude to go above and beyond to ensure that this happens. There is never a time limit, and protocol will never get in the way of your happier experience. We feel that this is as innovative and unique as the customers we happily serve.

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